What To Look For In a New Smartphone

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For a college student that is just starting up school, or even for that student that has been in school for a while, most students are going to need a type of table or laptop in order to become more successful in class. If you’re debating whether to purchase a tablet or a laptop, Direct tv packages, one is going to find that each is going to have it’s own disadvantages and advantages. Let’s take a look at what is going to work the best for a college student: Advantages of a Tablet PC: If you’re looking for something that is simple that can help check e-mail, view websites and watch videos, tablets are the way to go. They are also lightweight, and many of the applications available can assist with students such as apps that can help record lectures, take pictures of the whiteboard as well as help with taking notes. The icing on the cake is that they are relatively cheap as well. Advantages of a Laptop: A laptop is going to be great for those that are taking any type of graphic arts class or even a programming class. The downfall with a tablet is that you can’t really use it for word processing purposes. While you can get add-ons, a laptop is going to be a lot easier to use in terms of typing. On top of that, tablets won’t be able to install software packages that are designed for operating systems such as Windows and the Mac. A laptop and tablet is going to come down to the student’s major and the type of classes that he/she is taken. Since most classes are going to require some sort of paper that needs to be written, most students are going to go the laptop route. If considering a laptop, you don’t have to spend a lot of money. Instead, one can spend as much as tablet if a bare-bones system is purchased.


Smartphone Tricks We Don’t Know About

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Your smartphone can do a lot of different things. You can call friends, text coworkers and even play a variety of free games when you’re bored or just trying to kill time. More and more people are ditching their own phones and going with smartphone technology because of how useful it can truly be. You will be able to do many different things that your old cellphone and home phone simply cannot keep up with on their own. You will want to think about the different smartphones available to you if you Read the rest of this entry »


Smartphone Apps We Cannot Live Without

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Finding and making use of the best applications will ensure that you are able to make more effective use of your smartphone, tablet or other mobile device. The growing sophistication of smartphones has provided users with the opportunity to make use of a number of tools that can provide them with superior communication and organisation. Failing to install and use the latest applications could leave you without the features and opportunities you need to enjoy a superior user experience. Read the rest of this entry »


How to Protect Your Laptop from Internal and External Risks

Posted on: February 5th, 2013 by admin

How to Protect Your Laptop from Internal & External Risks

Laptops need to be in good condition for working on important documents and staying connected with family and friends on the internet. Here is advice on how to protect your laptop from internal and external risks.

Antivirus Software & Firewalls

A virus or malware can make an unprotected laptop vulnerable. Antivirus software such as Microsoft Security Essentials or Norton Antivirus 2013 can deflect such threats. Another layer of laptop is a firewall, typically accessible through the laptop’s security settings. When you are using your Clearwire internet, the firewall works behind the scenes to keep you secure.

In addition, it is important to employ strong passwords when you visit your favorite websites. A password that is difficult to guess discourages identity thieves and hackers.

External Precautions

Dust can make a laptop overheat and shorten its life. A can of compressed air and anti-static cloths are useful for cleaning laptops.

On the go, owners may want to use a screen protector for privacy. A laptop lock allows users to dash for coffee or other needs. Would-be thieves can be deterred with a software laptop alarm as well.

Internal and external risks to your laptop can come in different forms. Thanks to security measures and maintenance, you can protect your laptop so you can use your CLEAR internet service without worry.

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The History Of CRT And LCD Monitors

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We’ve come a long way with computer screens, fitting them now on the display of a smartphone. Just as computers have shrunk from room-sized to desk-sized to palm-sized, so monitors have a history of evolving and shrinking.

Early CRT (cathode ray tube) monitors used a television tube which swept a beam of electrons across some phosphor, left to right and top to bottom, which would glow varying with the beam strength. Even though those are mostly gone, modern LCD monitors still use the “refresh rate” values from old CRT technology.The Read the rest of this entry »


Disk Defragmentation Can Extend a Laptop’s Life

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If you own a laptop and are having trouble with the speed of operation, then there is a great chance your computer needs to have a disk defragmentation task performed. Over the life of a laptop files can become misplaced and even corrupted as they are used or uninstalled. Files that are left unchecked can begin to slow the performance of the laptop.

The disk defragmentation task is a way to help clean up and essentially realign the files in the computer so the computer can perform at its optimal standard.Check out this Read the rest of this entry »


How-To Upgrade Desktop RAM Without a Technician’s Help

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There’s a simple way to get your computer to perform faster”add more memory. It could be that your PC doesn’t have as much memory in it as it can handle. If your computer can take more, you could see quite a noticeable increase by adding it.

It’s easy to check how much memory is installed on a Windows PC. Got to the Start menu and right click on it. After that, right click on Computer. Then, on the pop-up menu, right click on Properties. There you will Read the rest of this entry »


How-To Build a Desktop Computer From Scratch

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The assembly order to follow is: case, power supply, mother board, CPU, cooling kit, ram, expansion cards, drives, power, and cables.

First open the case and install the power supply.

Line up the holes on the bottom of the case with the motherboard. Install the included standoffs as needed. If the mother board came with a rear panel insert install it now. Next slide the motherboard into position. Check to see that the rear panel slots line up. Carefully screw the motherboard down, making sure not to Read the rest of this entry »


How-To Lengthen The Battery Life Of a Laptop

Posted on: October 31st, 2011 by admin

Laptops are such a great alternative to desktops. Since they can be carried around the house, taken with you on a business trip and you can even lie in bed and use one, they offer so much convenience.

The only problem with a laptop is that unlike a desktop, you should keep your laptop plugged in if you’d like to prevent the battery from dying. Though laptop batteries can last up to a few hours, they don’t last forever.

Here are some ways to lengthen the battery life of your laptop:

Keep it plugged in: You can always keep Read the rest of this entry »